Aerobic Exercise

Do you feel sluggish? Are you sick of spending your days listlessly staring at screens, wishing you could be doing anything else? You’re far from alone.

These days, all we do is sit. We sit in our cars, at our desk, and on the couch. We know that we’re in desperate need of cardio — but we just can’t get our asses to the gym.

It’s time for a change. Time to recapture the joy of movement. It doesn’t take much; move your body for half an hour a day, and you’ll feel like a million bucks.

Not sure how to get started with aerobic exercise? Perhaps you’ve tried working out but just can’t get excited about ditching Netflix or sweating buckets at the health club. Maybe you feel intimidated when you see rock-hard bodies in skin-tight outfits at the gym. Excuses, excuses. Clearly, it’s time to put up or shut up, because whatever you’re doing is not working.

We get it. No judgment here. We know how tough it is to get started, but we also know how satisfying it is to kill it at the gym. At MODE Body Boutique, you get all of the fun and none of the guilt. We make working out as addicting as your Facebook News Feed. We believe that visiting the gym should be a treat — not like scheduling a colonoscopy.

Whether you’re an early bird, a night owl, or at your best during the day, we’re your escape from reality. You’ll never tire of our 24-hour vibrant environment.

Cardio is the name of the game at MODE Body Boutique. Whether on the machines or in class, we’re determined to get your heart pounding and your favorite cardio machine soaked in sweat. We’re runners, joggers, and cardio lovers. Treadmill, elliptical, StairMaster, rowing machine…you name it, we have it! We’re ready to bust those excuses and get you moving.


What Is Aerobic Exercise?
Aerobic exercise is all about moving your body without killing yourself. It’s sometimes referred to as cardio exercise because it works the cardiovascular system. In a true aerobic workout, your heart rate will rise a bit and your breath may quicken — but you shouldn’t feel completely exhausted until you’ve worked out for at least an hour. That’s not to say it’s easy, of course! Cardio exercise will test your limits and kick your ass, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

What Are the Fitness Benefits of Aerobic Exercise?
Functional fitness is a hot term these days. Basically, it means that you want to be fit enough to make the most of everyday life.

Do you enjoy goofing off with your kids? Or do you sit on the sidelines because you feel winded from a short game of catch? Do you embrace the great outdoors? Or does the mere thought of a bike ride keep you firmly rooted to your couch? Aerobic exercise primes your body for these and other activities. The fitter you are, the more memories you can make. Being fit impacts your entire being; from your sex life to your athletic performance, the more endurance you have, the more fun you’ll have as well.

Aerobic exercise also helps you excel in your sport or activity of choice. Perhaps you love basketball or dream of completing a 5K race. Without consistent cardio exercise, you’ll be the ultimate benchwarmer. Regular cardio prepares your body to literally go the extra mile.

What Are the Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise?
Consistent cardio can transform your health. The benefits are too numerous to list in their entirety; the following are a few of the most exciting:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Higher ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL) and lower ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL)
  • A more effective immune system that wards off the flu or common cold
  • Weight loss and obesity prevention
  • Reduced risk of certain types of cancer

In addition to boosting your physical health, aerobic exercise can improve your mental wellbeing. People who exercise regularly report fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression. Runner’s high is definitely real, and it doesn’t just apply to running; any type of cardio activity can produce those feel-good endorphins. Who need donuts when a workout makes you feel so much better than a second of sugar high?

The mental benefits of exercise don’t end with a better mood. Continue to exercise every day, and you’ll fight off the nasty mental lapses that come with old age. Multiple studies show that physical activity protects memory and judgment for seniors. They say you either get busy living, or get busy dying, so keeping active while you age is just as important as regular doctor visits and a smart diet.

How Much Aerobic Exercise Do I Need?
Sorry; that five-minute stroll just won’t cut it. And don’t think just because you broke a sweat taking the stairs instead of the escalator that you got a workout in. The United States Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise every week.

Short on time? With vigorous workouts, you can cut required activity to just 75 minutes per week. This is the minimum to stay healthy, but your mileage may vary. Some people need more exercise to train for races, matches, or other athletic events. Others will need to work harder to counteract that crazy happy hour with the guys or their weekly Ben and Jerry’s binge night.

At minimum, aim for half an hour of aerobic exercise, every day. Even a brief workout will boost your metabolism and your mood. Hit that half hour mark, however, and you’ll enjoy far more health benefits. Too busy to hit the gym on a daily basis? Three or four hour sweat sessions each week will deliver the same results.

What Are the Differences Between Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise?
A workout is a workout, right? Well, as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “Come on, don’t bullshit me.” While any movement should be applauded, your body will respond differently to aerobic and anaerobic activity.

Confused? Think of aerobic as exercise for the long haul. Yes, your muscles are working hard, and yes, you’re consuming a lot of oxygen, but not so much that you immediately feel exhausted. In aerobic mode, you’re like a slightly sped-up version of the tortoise. Slow and steady might not win the race, but moderate and steady is a recipe for an A+ aerobic workout.

Anaerobic workouts are hardcore. When you go anaerobic, you push your muscles to the max. In doing so, you consume way more oxygen than your body can supply — so you get tired faster. In other words, anaerobic is like the hare. You’ll take off at breakneck speed, but get exhausted and slow down. Ideally, you’ll want to use a combination of aerobic and anaerobic, to turn you into a fierce combination of the tortoise and the hare – a workout honey badger that is as fierce as they get.

Aerobic isn’t necessarily better than anaerobic, or vice versa; they’re just different. If your goal is a fun, fat-burning workout, you’ll love aerobic exercise. With anaerobic, it’s all about building twitch muscle.

Depending on which machines you use or which classes you attend, you can incorporate both styles into your workouts. After you hit the treadmill, save some time for strength training with our state-of-the-the-art equipment, including custom hammer strength free weights. We’re here to whip you into the best shape of your life with both types of exercise.

What Equipment or Resources Do You Offer?
You name it, we have it. Treadmills are just the beginning. Our wide variety of Life Fitness equipment will prevent boredom and help you Hulk Smash through those hellish plateaus. Mix it up with treadmills, StairMaster, elliptical, stationary bikes, and more.

Obsessed with tracking your progress? Before you launch your workout, stop by the Styku scanner. This amazing tool uses a camera and turntable to produce accurate 3D scans. Just a few seconds with the body scanner, and you’ll know your exact measurements — and how they’ve changed since you started working out. Measurements aren’t just for Playboy centerfolds; they are a great way to track your progress when it comes to body composition.

Let the tracking continue as you take advantage of our technologically-advanced cardio machines. Use the MODE App on your mobile device to scan each machine’s QR code. You can track your progress for each workout or on a monthly basis.

We’re all about busting excuses; our cardio machines make it easy. There’s no need to watch Netflix, Hulu, or ESPN at home; you can broadcast all of your favorite shows directly from the screens on our cardio equipment. Let the minutes and hours fly by as you listen to your favorite tunes on Pandora. Ready to break a mental sweat? Play Sudoku or solitaire while you exercise.

Ready for a killer workout? Try our Life Fitness rowers. These realistic rowing machines make the most of water resistance. You’ll feel like you’re out on the water, even in the dead of winter.

Need a motivation boost? Group classes could be the solution. Our trainers will give you the determination you need to kill it in every class— and you’ll thank them later. Dance your way to better health with Dance Party Sculpt, or get your sweat on in Turbo Kick®. You’ll bond with the West Loop’s best and brightest over your newfound love of aerobic exercise.

Sometimes, all it takes to get you to the gym is the promise of a reward afterwards. MODE Body Boutique boasts plenty of opportunities for reward and relaxation. Chill out in our steam room or recover with a little help from our cryotherapy machine.

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