Jack Lalanne, the Godfather of modern fitness, once said, “Exercise is king, nutrition is queen. Together you have a kingdom.”


Food is one the purest joys the world has to offer! Let us guide you in the nourishment of your body with the freshest, most fibrous, organic produce, and lean proteins using our meal planning application, FUEL MODE.

FUEL MODE is an adaptive digital tool our team of registered dietitians use to plan and track your food intake. The customized application allows us to create a nutritional plan around your unique body composition, fitness goals and activity level.

How it Works

FUEL MODE integrates body metrics, along with information obtained from our Styku 3D body composition analysis, to track your progress. FUEL MODE also tracks your daily and weekly physical activity (adjusted for intensity) and automatically fine-tunes your caloric deficit and/or expenditure. Basically, you tell FUEL MODE what kinds of workouts you’ve done that week, and it will adjust and optimize your diet plan accordingly.

FUEL MODE will generate a customized grocery list for you, (also allowing you to exchange undesirable foods for a caloric equivalent of your favorites), and outline a weekly plan on a meal-by-meal basis. FUEL MODE even has a diet plan to accommodate dietary restrictions like veganism, vegetarianism, Celiac Disease, and others. There is a plan for diabetes. There’s a plan for lean body-building. Want to try the Paleo diet? No problem! FUEL MODE has a plan for that, too.

It’s an amazing app, and all our members can have access to it!

Nutritional Balance

Most importantly, FUEL MODE embraces our philosophy of balance. So, what does this mean for our nutritional counseling?

There are no extreme, unsafe diet plans created at MODE. As wellness professionals, we understand that extreme approaches to diet are almost always unsustainable. While we insist on ensuring that your body is receiving all essential macronutrients, there is no reason that you cannot enjoy a piece of your niece’s birthday cake or a handful of Raisinetes at the movies. Indulgences, as long as they are choices made in moderation, are encouraged. A balanced approach will eliminate cravings that ultimately lead to diet resentment and dissatisfaction.

At MODE our registered dietitians will help you make long-term behavioral changes that will revolutionize your health.

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