Strength Training

You’re bound and determined to achieve your dream body. At MODE Body Boutique, we’re determined to make your wildest dreams a reality. Whether you want to tone up and hit the beach in your favorite bikini, score a leading role as the Hulk, or open that damn pickle jar by yourself, we can make it happen.

We get that motivation looks a little different for every person. Some of us want to hit home runs at league softball. Others dream of fitness modeling. Many would love to keep up with their energetic toddlers. And some just want to look good without an Instagram filter. Is that too much to ask?

Cardio, while important, won’t do the trick alone. Strength training is your ticket to a toned, sexy body. It’s also key to killing it in whatever you do. Life is a lot easier when you’re strong and in shape.

At MODE Body Boutique, we know what it takes to achieve your ideal physique. We’re an elite fitness club…but while many of our members look toned and muscular, we’re a diverse bunch. You’re welcome here with or without shredded abs or biceps for days. Our members are bodybuilders, fitness influencers, and skilled athletes. But they’re also busy professionals, weary parents, and fitness newbies.

No matter your current fitness level, you’ll find all the equipment you need to achieve the hottest possible version of yourself at our West Loop gym. Top offerings include:

  • Power racks featuring walk-out platforms
  • Full line of custom hammer strength free weights
  • An extensive line of Life Fitness selectorized equipment
  • Full line of bench presses
  • Squat machines, including hack squat, sissy squat, and V squat
  • Smith machine — a barbell  on rails that optimizes vertical movements
  • A myriad of leg press machines
  • Hex bar with several grip sizes
  • Plyo boxes*

*You get the point — this list could go on and on. At MODE Body Boutique, we have all the equipment you need for a great workout.

The fun doesn’t end with weight lifting. Your pursuits away from dumbbells and strength training machines can determine how quickly you make progress. We’re all about effective tracking and quick recovery, which is why we offer access to Styku and a cryotherapy machine. With our Styku 3D body scanner, you can determine your current body composition, and where there’s room for improvement. Cryotherapy exchanges a few minutes of ice-cold agony for shockingly effective pain relief and post-workout recovery. 

We’re there for you during workouts and away from the gym. Our Fuel Mode App keeps you accountable throughout the day so that your eating habits are just as impressive as your bodybuilding regimen. When you fuel yourself correctly, you can reach the podium, carry those groceries in one trip…or look like a million bucks. You name it, you can accomplish it — and we’re here to help every step of the way.

It’s not always easy to get your ass into the gym, but trust us: it’ll be worth it. We can’t wait to put sweat on your body and a smile on your face.




What are the main benefits of strength training?

Achieving the physique of your dreams. We don’t mean to be shallow…but when it comes down to it, that’s what most of our clients want! Strength training builds the muscle tone necessary for a lean and defined look. With weight training, you can build a body that drops jaws in any clothing — or lack thereof.

Spot training doesn’t really exist, but strength training is the next best thing. If you dread the sight of love handles or underarm flab, weights are your best friend. The right exercises can tone up problem areas so you look your best when you hit the beach.

What you see in the mirror may give you that initial burst of motivation, but you’ll be inspired to continue if you understand the long-term benefits of strength training. It’s not just about looks — honest. Sick of striking out at softball or embarrassing yourself on the basketball court? Targeted strength training will boost your athletic performance. A few sessions at the best fitness club in Chicago, and you’ll have no problem beating back your athletic rival. 

Maybe the years are beginning to creep up on you, and you’re worried about being active in the future. The habits you create now will determine whether you spend your golden years exploring the world or watching The Price Is Right. Strength training improves bone health and can reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis. No, drinking gallons of milk isn’t good enough; you need to actually use your body.

Finally, there’s the mental satisfaction of lifting a shit ton of weight. Deep down, it feels good to know you can lift more than your friends. Every time you arrive at the best gym in Chicago and go up a weight class, you’ll feel like a real champ. This will boost your confidence not only in the gym, but in life. As you observe changes in your body composition, you’ll feel ready to conquer the world.


Which is better: machines or free weights?

As with most things at the gym and in life, the answer is: it depends. Many people, however, should spend more time with free weights than at machines. Free weights encourage you to work with your full range of motion. They force you to use several muscles at once, including, of course, your core. Free weights are also adaptable; the same few pieces of equipment can be used to target a variety of muscles. Leg day, arm day, core day…every day of the week is fitness day when you have access to a quality collection of free weights.

Free weights are great, but they don’t have to be the only component of your strength training regimen. Machines allow you to mix up your routine while isolating specific muscles and busting through plateaus. They can also help you prevent injury. A lot of people overdo it when they first begin using free weights; others don’t start at all because dumbbells and barbells look too intimidating. Machines can offer a targeted, injury-free introduction to strength training by placing resistance exactly where it’s needed.

At MODE Body Boutique, we offer both free weights and selectorized machines because we believe that you should enjoy access to a broad range of equipment for effective bodybuilding. No two fitness enthusiasts have the exact same needs or will use the exact same equipment. Just getting started? Log into the Life Fitness app to learn more about specific machines and how they can be operated safely. 


Where should I begin if I’m a weight training newbie?

First of all: congrats on your decision to quit relying solely on cardio. You’ve taken an important first step towards getting the lean, hard body of your dreams. Now, it’s time to kick your fitness routine into gear. Don’t go overboard; that initial burst of enthusiasm can easily lead to injuries.

Once struck by the idea of strength training, many would-be lifters attempt to handle as much weight as possible — and instead, end up nursing injuries for months. Others simply make an ass of themselves by dropping weights they simply cannot lift. Consider setting the weights aside for the time being and working with the weight of your own body instead. Master the art of the perfect squat, push-up, and pull-up. You might not feel like a badass, but work your way up and you’ll eventually look like one.

Once you’re ready to incorporate weights into your routine, work with an expert to ensure you use them correctly. Pair up with an experienced friend, or better yet, invest in personal training. Your trainer can help you decide how much and how often to lift. This person will prevent you from looking like a complete idiot. Get ready for tips on form from somebody who actually know what they’re talking about — and isn’t just schooled on YouTube fitness videos. You’ll also receive excellent advice on nutrition and supplements. At the best boutique gym in America — MODE Body Boutique — personal trainers are carefully matched with clients based on goals and personality. You should actually like your trainer…even when you want to punch ’em in the face.


How does strength training help with weight loss?

Sorry: minute for minute, you’ll burn fewer calories with strength training than with cardio. This simple fact discourages way too many people in desperate need of muscle mass.

Think long-term: each additional pound of muscle will burn way more calories throughout the day than a pound of fat. That’s right; you could be sleeping or listening to Spotify or watching Game of Thrones. No matter what you’re doing at any moment, you’ll burn more than your flabby friend. 

Ultimately, it’s not about the number on the scale. While that can be a valuable marker of progress, it shouldn’t be the primary focus of your fitness efforts. Skinny fat is definitely a thing; it’s possible for a low number to register on the scale…but for your to still look awful in a bikini.

Progress is better tracked via a tape measure, or best of all, Styku. As the most innovative gym in Chicago, MODE Body Boutique uses Styku to provide accurate body composition information. You’ll know exactly where you stand and how much you’ve improved. This will prevent the binge and bust style of weight loss that naturally results from staring at the scale.


Will strength training make me bulky?

A lot of women avoid strength training for fear of becoming a She-Hulk. These fears are unfounded. In fact, those who avoid the gym for fear of looking bulky usually look flabby instead. Exercise shouldn’t mean grinding out hours on the treadmill and avoiding squats; both are integral parts of your fitness routine.

Strength training won’t blow you up like The Rock. It will, however, tone your legs and midsection. Incorporate strength training into your fitness regimen, and you can dedicate an entire Instagram page to your magnificent ass.


Should I use supplements? Which ones are best?

Results aren’t entirely made in the gym; your kitchen is just as important. If you work out but continue to stuff your face with pizza and French fries, you’re bound to be disappointed. Instead, it’s time to stock up on fruits, veggies, chicken breasts…and supplements. Don’t settle for your usual trip to the grocery store; a quick visit to the Pro Shop will grant you all the supplements you need to amplify your strength training efforts. You’ve worked hard, so why not treat yourself? Fuel your body appropriately with the best supplements, drinks, and protein bars…or score some MODE swag to show off where that sexy body was made!

Taken correctly, supplements can lead to impressive results. The right products will hasten recovery and help you make the most of each sweat session at your local fitness club. But the key term is ‘right.’ You can’t just down a pile of pills or powder and expect to suddenly resemble Channing Tatum. If it was that easy, we’d all look like we just walked off the set of Magic Mike. It’s important to take the right supplements for you. This will depend on your diet, your fitness routine, and several other factors. 

At MODE Body Boutique, we understand how important supplements are — and how confusing. We offer complimentary nutrition and supplement counseling alongside our personal training program. Our registered dietitians recognize the value of a balanced diet attuned to your fitness regimen. With our Fuel Mode app, you’ll enjoy customized nutritional planning. We’re here for you whenever and wherever you need us.

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