Personal Training

At MODE, we invest in making you the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. Personal training at our club is an immersive, educational experience, and we put you at the center of a unique fitness model.

Our Fitness Formula

Fitness + Nutrition + Wellness

We embrace holistic wellness to optimize the health of your body and mind by integrating a tailor-made fitness routine with a nutritional plan, supplement regimen and cognitive training (behavioral coaching, mindfulness and meditation). 

The movements you will learn, and the nutrition and lifestyle advice you will receive at MODE are not a matter of opinion. Our programming is based on research-driven methodologies that will optimize your personal fitness success and keep you safe while you work towards your goals.

We also understand that your free time is valuable and likely in short supply. For this reason, personal training programs are designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind to maximize the results that can be achieved within the timeframe you need. An hour-long personal training session can include mobility and balance work, strength training, and stretching to prevent injury.

Our Trainers

All MODE certified trainers are lifelong students of fitness. We heavily invest in the continued education of our trainers, so that they can best serve you. 

The trainer-client relationship is a very important dynamic that can influence success on both sides. “One size fits all” is not our philosophy when it comes to matching clients with trainers. We match the experience and specialties of each trainer with the relevant goals of the client, while carefully considering personality compatibility.

Your training program should be as unique as your fingerprint. After a thorough initial fitness assessment, we are able to adjust your programming to match your level of mobility, natural energy level, unique medical conditions and prior athletic experience. 

This formula is integral to our success and yours at every level. Your goals are our goals! We will stop at nothing to bring you the industry’s best.

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