Personal Training

You have big plans for ramping up your fitness routine. Sometimes, however, you need more accountability than a basic gym membership can provide. That’s where personal training comes in. Certified personal trainers know all of your excuses like the back of their hands — and they just don’t care. They’re in the business of busting those excuses wide open and getting you exactly where you need to be. It’s not an easy job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

A personal training package from MODE Body Boutique can help you ditch that dreaded plateau and get in the best shape of your life. From the infancy of your fitness journey to your biggest achievements in the gym…our certified personal trainers are here to support you every step of the way.

The more you know about your body’s abilities and limitations, the more likely you are to make the right choices. At MODE Body Boutique, our certified personal trainers give you all the information you need, even when that means presenting you with uncomfortable truths. The sooner we destroy those pretty little lies, the sooner you can build a new reality.

Before you launch your journey to a better you, set aside a few minutes to chill with your new friend Styku. This 3D body scanner closely tracks incremental measurements. You’ll get a better sense of your body’s current state and where improvement is most needed. Forget futzing around with a tape measure; Styku allows you to avoid the hassle of taking your own measurements. In fact, this super precise scanner provides more accurate information than the most elite hand-measuring experts. 

Styku will provide an accurate overview of your current measurements and body fat percentage. Armed with this essential information, we can plan future personal training sessions accordingly. Instead of wasting your precious time on areas that don’t really need work, we’ll target problem zones first. You’ll hate it at first…but you’ll one day thank us for forcing you to address your biggest weaknesses head-on.

The Styku fun doesn’t end with your PT intro. Our certified personal trainers continue to use this innovative technology to measure and document your progress with each visit. Think of it as your very own before and after magazine spread. When you feel defeated, you’ll think about your latest stats. You’ll realize just how far you’ve come — and you’ll keep pushing yourself.

In addition to Styku, we boast a wide array of resources designed to get you into the best shape of your life. No two clients have the exact same needs, so all can benefit from access to a broad range of fitness resources. Get the sweat flowing as you use our state-of-the-art Life Fitness cardio equipment. Don’t forget to hit up our selectorized weight machines — also from Life Fitness. Designed by experts who thoroughly understand how the human body works, these intuitive machines push you towards the next step in your fitness journey whether you’re a fitness pro or brand spanking new. Free weights are also a great option for sculpting; our personal trainers will help you learn proper technique and prevent you from ending up in one of those cringe-worthy gym fail videos.

MODE Body Boutique offers far more than standard equipment and the finest personal trainers in the West Loop: we provide revolutionary equipment that hits not only on all the latest fitness trends, but also on what researchers say will get you where you need to be. For example: we were the FIRST gym in the United States to offer the Booty Builder machine. That’s right; we have a machine specifically designed to give you buns of steel. Also known as the ‘original hip thrust machine,’ this amazing tool is a hit throughout Europe — and it’s a new favorite among the best personal trainers in Chicago. With our help, you’ll finally score the Insta-worthy ass you’ve always wanted.

You love your personal trainer time, but also desire a full squad you can count on for sweaty, heart-racing fun. If you need a little more company than your personal trainer can provide alone, don’t be afraid to get in on our group classes. Led by the fitness industry’s finest, these sessions push you to the max. Make new friends while getting your sweat on in kickboxing, spin, and more. Our top group fitness options include:

  • HIIT
  • Abs & Ass
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Spin

After class, hit up our cryotherapy machine. Ahead of the curve MODE Body Boutique was one of the first gyms in Illinois to offer cryotherapy. This revolutionary machine gives you a head start in the recovery process, allowing you to make the most of every personal training session. Immerse yourself in our icy cryotherapy tank for between two and four minutes to enjoy the full benefits. This brief cold snap will kick your body into survival mode; you’ll enjoy improved circulation, better metabolism, and full-body pain relief. Two minutes to rid your body of the pesky aches and pains that keep you rooted to your couch? Sounds amazing!

If cryotherapy’s not your thing, you can recover with an opposite heat setting in our steam room. It’s the perfect place to relax after your personal trainer has run your body ragged. 

The perfect body is built not only in the gym, but in the kitchen. Your certified personal trainer can’t follow you around and watch you like a hawk as you eat, but we have other options to give you the nutrients and accountability you so desperately need. Our Pro Shop is stocked with supplements so you can fuel your body appropriately. Download our Fuel Mode app, where you’ll find all the mobile tools necessary to stay on track with your diet. This app is amazing, of course, but you don’t have to stare at your phone like a zombie all day. When you work with our personal trainers in the West Loop, you automatically receive access to the best nutrition and supplement counseling in town.

 Meet Our Elite Personal Trainers
MODE Body Boutique boasts the Windy City’s hottest PT squad. You’ll be astounded by the passion you see at work in our certified personal training team. These are some of the most dedicated personal trainers in Chicago. They’re determined to get you on the path towards a healthier you.

Your fitness training should be totally unique. We’re not saying you’re a snowflake…but every Chicago resident has a different body, so why would your personal training regimen match everyone else’s?

At MODE Body Boutique, we match clients and certified personal trainers carefully based on personality and priorities. You should feel comfortable with your trainer, but not too comfortable; this person needs to push you and hold you accountable. There’s an art to this unique form of matchmaking; at MODE Body Boutique, you’ll find the spark you missed with your last personal trainer.

How much does it cost?
Certified personal training is an amazing investment for all, but the actual dollar amount varies based on your priorities and your personal trainer. We offer a variety of packages and can customize your approach based on your unique goals. Feel free to test us out with a single session, or purchase several at once. You’ll encounter a lot more bang for your buck than at the bar where you currently spend all your hard-earned cash.

What do I get with my PT package?
The moment you sign up for your exclusive package, you’ll receive access to a customized fitness assessment and a follow-up plan. This clues you into your current health status and gives you an idea of your path forward. 

Your package boasts unlimited access to Styku and our nutrition app (Fuel Mode). You’ll also receive supplement training so you know which products actually work, and which ones are glorified sugar pills. To help you recover, we provide two cryotherapy sessions with each PT package, plus myofascial release in the form of stretching and foam rolling. 

Ready to wed the love of your life while looking buff AF? Think of our certified personal trainers as #squadgoals. We’ll get you looking fly before your big day. Our bride package is one of our most popular offers, but it’s by no means the only package designed to get your ass in shape. 

How long does it take to see results?
Good things don’t always come to those who wait. Sometimes, you need to go after your goal aggressively. At MODE Body Boutique, we push you towards your goal, even when you lack momentum. The harder you work, the sooner you’ll observe results.

A lot depends on your starting point, of course, but with Styku on your side, you’ll note even the most incremental improvements. We’re your ultimate cheerleaders; we help you celebrate every victory, no matter how small. Those baby steps add up; get ready to lose that pear shape and see the fruits of your labor.

How long does a session last?
Don’t worry; you’ll still have time for Netflix when you return home from the gym.

Personal training sessions can vary slightly based on your needs and priorities. In general, however, we follow this basic structure:

  • Each session begins with a 5-minute warm-up.
  • Next, we follow with a 5-minute dynamic warm-up.
  • The bulk of the session (40-45 minutes) is dedicated to steady exercise.
  • We end with a recovery period lasting between 5 and 10 minutes. 

On average, our personal training sessions last about one hour each. It’s just enough time to get sweaty, but not so much that you have to sacrifice your social life.

 What if I have health restrictions or medical issues?
Personal training isn’t just for perfect specimens. After all, if you’re already perfect, what’s the point of a personal trainer? Our goal is to whip you into your best self, no matter your starting point.

Our clients come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. We’re all about meeting you where you’re at. You could arrive with a major injury or chronic health issues  — we don’t care! Bad shoulder, rotator cuff, whatever. Just show up ready to give it your best and work your ass off.

We’re super mindful of injuries. We want to train you until you’re sore — not until you’re bruised and bloody! Just let us know how you’re doing. Don’t be embarrassed to alert us to health problems; we’ve seen it all and literally nothing will surprise us.

 What if I’m a complete beginner?
Yes, our certified personal trainers work with exercise noobs. While we welcome elite athletes, there’s a certain satisfaction in completely changing somebody’s life around. We love seeing our clients go from couch potatoes to exercise aficionados. You don’t need washboard abs to invest in personal training; we welcome you where you are and encourage you to improve, no matter your current level.


What if I already bought a personal training package with another gym?
You encountered an unexpected surge of motivation one day and purchased a personal training package at another gym. Good on you for investing in your health — now it’s time to amp up your routine with the best personal training in Chicago! Sure, you can wait out your contract, but why waste your time somewhere that doesn’t meet your needs?

We handle outside PT package situations on a case-by-case basis. There’s no harm in asking; you just might score a transfer. Contact a MODE representative today to learn how you can turn it up and #GetinMODE.

The movements you will learn, and the nutrition and lifestyle advice you will receive at MODE are not a matter of opinion. Our programming is based on research-driven methodologies that will optimize your personal fitness success and keep you safe while you work towards your goals.

We also understand that your free time is valuable and likely in short supply. For this reason, personal training programs are designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind to maximize the results that can be achieved within the timeframe you need. An hour-long personal training session can include mobility and balance work, strength training, and stretching to prevent injury.

Our Trainers
All MODE certified trainers are lifelong students of fitness. We heavily invest in the continued education of our trainers, so that they can best serve you. 

The trainer-client relationship is a very important dynamic that can influence success on both sides. “One size fits all” is not our philosophy when it comes to matching clients with trainers. We match the experience and specialties of each trainer with the relevant goals of the client, while carefully considering personality compatibility.

Your training program should be as unique as your fingerprint. After a thorough initial fitness assessment, we are able to adjust your programming to match your level of mobility, natural energy level, unique medical conditions and prior athletic experience. 

This formula is integral to our success and yours at every level. Your goals are our goals! We will stop at nothing to bring you the industry’s best.

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