Step into a world of empowerment and exhilaration with our exclusive one-on-one boxing training. Break free from the monotony of your typical workout routine and embark on a transformative journey that will not only change you physically but also empower you mentally. Whether you’re looking to boost your confidence, improve your physique, or acquire badass self-defense skills, our sessions promise a unique and invigorating experience guided by some of Chicago’s most accomplished trainers.

Our trainers are more than just experts in the technical aspects of the sport; they are dedicated mentors who cultivate an environment conducive to personal growth and empowerment. Regardless of whether you’ve never thrown a punch or if you’re a Golden Glove Champion, our one-on-one sessions are designed for all levels and offer personalized attention, enabling you to refine your skills, establish custom goals, and receive tailored guidance.

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From boosted confidence to a better physique, working with a boxing trainer can truly transform your life. Boxing provides too many benefits to name; these are just a few of the many reasons why we love to glove up at our Chicago gym:

  • Our boxing classes can equip you with a new and valuable skill. You can take pride in your newfound knowledge — and your ability to kick just about anybody’s ass!
  • Boxing and kickboxing can be a great cardio workout, but way more entertaining than your typical treadmill session. Some of our clients typically dread cardio but really look forward to boxing.
  • There’s more to boxing than grinding out the cardio — it also improves all-over strength. From your arms to your core and even your legs, every part of your body will be leaner and stronger when you make boxing a regular part of your exercise routine.
  • Boxing is a great option for improving hand-eye coordination. Our drills help you react quickly and effectively.
  • Boxing can change your mindset and make you feel like a complete badass. Trust us. The moment you slip on those boxing gloves and wraps, you’ll feel unstoppable.

You don’t need to be a Golden Gloves champ to enroll in MODE’s private boxing classes — you don’t need any experience at all! We don’t care if you don’t have a clue how to kickbox; our Chicago gym welcomes students at all levels of experience. Think of this as your opportunity to grow by trying something outside of your comfort zone.

Nothing beats the thrill of a successful boxing training session, even when you’re brand new to the sport. You’ll emerge feeling stronger and more confident than ever.

At MODE Gym, we are proud to have the best trainers in the West Loop on staff. Our team of esteemed boxing trainers includes professional MMA fighters and Olympic boxing coaches. We’re thrilled to offer access to the best and the brightest at our gym. There is no substitute for having elite athletes and trainers in your corner as you pursue your dream of learning to box.

Our Chicago trainers are super inspiring. It doesn’t matter how tired, bummed out, or just plain lazy you feel when you arrive for one on one boxing classes; a short stint with our boxing experts will have you feeling newly motivated. Think of your trainer as not just a self defense instructor, but also as a personal cheerleader. One session with a MODE Boxing Trainer, and you’ll feel like you can take on the world.

We make it possible to improve your skills and personal fitness while still enjoying a full life outside of the gym. Convenience is a key component of living the good life in Chicago, so we want you to make the most of every minute spent in our facilities.

With our solo boxing sessions, we like to literally and figuratively pack a punch. Most classes last approximately 30 minutes — long enough to get a hardcore workout but short enough to leave room for all of the other activities in your jam-packed life.

When you arrive at our West Loop gym for boxing, you’ll sweat it out for half an hour. With so much to learn and so many exciting challenges to tackle, that half hour will flash by in the blink of an eye. Our instructors can pack a lot of activity into 30 minutes, so be ready to work hard.

One of the best things about solo boxing workouts? No two are exactly alike. With a private session, you receive full customization based on your boxing abilities and current level of physical fitness.

Most sessions begin with a jump rope warm up to get that heart rate up and prepare you for a successful workout. After this, you’ll probably move on to a combination of self defense training and HIIT exercise. Whether you’re new to boxing or have been at it for years, you’ll likely dedicate some time to learning or reviewing your boxing stance, basic punches, and a variety of combinations. Our trainers mix up combos regularly to keep you mentally stimulated. Focus mitt drills play a critical role in not only refining your technique, but also working your body. As you progress, you’ll be increasingly challenged with advanced drills and combos.

Depending which instructor you work with, your boxing session might also involve kickboxing. Instructors may incorporate kickboxing for select clients, but in other cases boxing is the primary focus. Let us know if you’re interested in kickboxing and we’ll be sure to accommodate you. Remember, we also offer kickboxing group classes, which can challenge you alongside your private boxing sessions. View our Class Schedule Here.

Solo boxing sessions are a wonderful investment; you get the personal attention and accountability you crave while learning the ins and outs of self defense. However, they are tailored to each individual, and their goals. Depending on what you’re looking for, we work with you to design a package that fits your needs and budget. To learn more about 1-On-1 Boxing Training at MODE, click the button above.

You don’t need a MODE Gym membership to sign up for private 1-ON-1 boxing sessions. However, having a membership can enhance your fitness journey. Explore our membership options for access to a wide range of equipment and group classes, including kickboxing and HIIT training. Additionally, track your progress with our 3D body scanner and get access to everything MODE has to offer!

One step into the MODE Gym facilities and you’ll be in complete awe. We’re proud to offer a modern, sophisticated environment, complete with all of the equipment you could possibly need. Learn how to box in our group fitness studio — an open and pristine space that allows you to focus on your form. We like to use our entire Chicago gym facility for training, however, so don’t be surprised if you end up by the free weights or strength training machines. On nice days, we love to mix it up with outside boxing sessions. No matter where a particular session takes place, you’ll find our environment inspiring.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Learn a new skill as you work out alongside the best boxing trainers in Chicago. Your fitness adventures begins in the West Loop, where you can experience the thrill of boxing. Click the button above to inquire about boxing sessions at MODE Gym and discover a stronger, sexier, and fiercer new you.