Personal Training

At MODE Gym, your boldest fitness aspirations are within reach. Dreaming of sculpting the perfect beach bod, scoring a leading role as the hulk, or just finally opening that damn pickle jar by yourself? We’re dedicated to making it happen for you.

Whatever your motivation is – whether it’s achieving athletic glory, wanting to keep up with your energetic toddlers, or proving a point to an ex (their loss, right?) – sometimes a standard gym membership might not be enough. You need more – more guidance, more accountability. That’s where personal training comes in.

Led by Celebrity Trainer Joey Thurman, our team is renowned as some of the best Personal Trainers in Chicago. We specialize in crafting dynamic, personalized workouts that seamlessly blend the latest advancements in fitness, science, and technology. Our goal is to not just meet your goals, but surpass them with the most effective, tailor-made fitness experience in Chicago. This isn’t just training; it’s a partnership on a journey to becoming your best self. Ready to begin your transformation to a stronger, fitter you? Click to book your complimentary consultation.


At MODE Gym, we don’t just have the best personal trainers in Chicago, top-tier equipment, or cutting edge technology and resources. And it’s not just about our exclusive, vibey atmosphere either. Sure, we have all that in spades, but it’s not just about having the best – it’s about using the best to make you your best.

Our elite trainers are masters at merging fitness, science, and technology to craft a world class personal training experience that’s just for you. We offer training that’s professionally-designed, scientifically backed, and precisely tailored to you and your unique goals. Our comprehensive approach covers your all around fitness and wellness routine. We combine a variety of resources, inside and outside the gym, to not only help you achieve your goals effectively, but to also make sustainable changes for lasting impact.


Every great journey begins with a single step, and yours starts with our Comprehensive Fitness Consultation. Here, we chat about your fitness history, goals, dreams, and where you see yourself in those gym mirrors. It’s more than just numbers; it’s understanding your story and where you want it to go.


Think of us as your fitness matchmakers. We pair you with the perfect trainer whose style complements your personality and goals, ensuring each session is not just effective but also enjoyable.


Next, we capture a detailed 3D snapshot of your body composition, delivering essential metrics including precise measurements, accurate body fat percentages, and other vital health indicators. This detailed insight enables us to precisely target areas needing focus. As you progress through your training, follow up scans will chart your progress – not just in numbers, but in visible, motivating changes.


With your goals and our data insights, we create a workout plan tailored to make your fitness dreams a reality. Each routine is grounded in science and our expert trainers are with you every step of the way, ensuring correct form and technique for optimal results. As you grow and evolve, so do your workouts, guaranteeing continuous progress and eliminating plateaus.


Rest, recovery, and nutrition are as vital as the workouts themselves. We offer nutrition consulting with tailored dietary advice to effectively fuel your workouts, as well as a range of recovery techniques, including cryotherapy, to help you rejuvenate and return stronger and ensure that your fitness journey is balanced, and sustainable, for long term success.


Our unique and comprehensive approach combined with our trainers’ expertise sets you up for success. They’re part coach, part cheerleader, pushing you, celebrating with you, and keeping you accountable every step of the way. You’ll sweat, you’ll laugh, and maybe even share a high five or two, but most importantly, you’ll see transformative results.

Ready to make a change? Book your complimentary consultation now and take the first step towards the best version of yourself.


Our Personal Training programs have helped countless clients achieve extraordinary results. Get inspired by their amazing stories and see the transformations for yourself. Join us at MODE GYM and start your personalized journey to a healthier, happier you. Your transformation begins here!



Think of personal training as a bespoke suit for your health – it’s tailored to fit. Since Personal Training is, well… personalized, costs can vary based on session frequency, goals, and trainer expertise. We provide a plan as unique as you, with flexible pricing to match. Start with a free consultation to find the perfect fitness formula for you and your budget.

A personal training package at MODE is more than just your path to a killer body and sky-high confidence—it’s a partnership with a dedicated trainer who will hold you accountable, push you to new heights, and celebrate every victory with you.
Along with this supportive teammate, your package can include a variety of customizable resources, tools, and services tailored to your specific needs:

• Comprehensive Fitness Assessment to chart your starting point.
• Detailed 3D Body Scan Reports for ongoing tracking.
• Personalized Fitness Plan & Workouts tailored to your goals.
• Expert Guidance to ensure you’re training effectively and safely.
• Nutrition & Supplement Consulting to fuel your fitness.
• Cryotherapy Sessions for advanced recovery.

Myofascial Release, Massage, and Other Recovery Techniques to keep you in top form.
Plus, we offer specialized training packages for life’s big moments. Get ready for motherhood with our empowering #MommyMODE Package, or look and feel your best for your big day with our Bride and Groom Packages. These popular options are just the beginning—every package is designed to get you into the best shape of your life, tailored just for you.

Good things don’t always come to those who wait. Sometimes, you need to go after your goal aggressively. At MODE Gym, we push you towards your goal, even when you lack momentum. The harder you work, the sooner you’ll observe results.

A lot depends on your starting point, of course, but with Styku on your side, you’ll note even the most incremental improvements. We’re your ultimate cheerleaders; we help you celebrate every victory, no matter how small. Those baby steps add up; get ready to lose that pear shape and see the fruits of your labor.

Our sessions are designed to fit your schedule. They can vary based on your needs and priorities, but typically, they include:

• 5-minute warm-up.
• 5-minute dynamic warm-up.
• 40-45 minutes of exercise.
• 5-10 minutes of recovery.

Expect a total of about one hour – perfect for staying fit without sacrificing your social life.

Absolutely! Personal training at MODE is about meeting you where you are. We customize your training to accommodate any health conditions. Our trainers are skilled in adaptive fitness, ensuring safe, effective, and empowering sessions. Got restrictions? No problem. We see them as opportunities to innovate and excel. Let’s discuss how we can tailor your workout – book a free consultation to get started..

No Sweat! Remember, we all start somewhere, and every expert was once a beginner. Personal training is an ideal starting point to get acquainted with the gym and exercise routines. Our trainers specialize in transforming fitness newbies into gym aficionados. They excel in crafting workouts that evolve with you. We’ll start you off with the basics and support you all the way to the advanced stuff, at your own pace. Think of us as your personal fitness guides on this exciting journey. With individualized attention and a supportive environment, we’ll help you progress step by step.

You encountered an unexpected surge of motivation one day and purchased a personal training package at another gym. Good on you for investing in your health — now it’s time to amp up your routine with the best personal training in Chicago! Sure, you can wait out your contract, but why waste your time somewhere that doesn’t meet your needs?

We handle outside PT package situations on a case-by-case basis. There’s no harm in asking; contact a MODE representative today to learn how you can turn it up and #GetinMODE.

Life happens, and when it does, MODE’s got your back. We offer a flexible cancellation and rescheduling policy to keep your fitness journey on track. Just give us a 24-hour notice, and we’ll handle the rest, ensuring you can make up your session without a hitch. Remember, consistency is key in fitness, so while we’re flexible, we also encourage you to stick to your plan for the best results. Need to change up your schedule? Reach out, and we’ll find a time that works for you. Let’s keep the momentum going strong!

*Please note that while sessions and packages are non-refundable, we offer flexibility in rescheduling them to suit your needs.

While group personal training isn’t on our menu, our Group Fitness Classes are a close cousin. Picture a boutique group training vibe, with all the variety your workout routine craves. Plus they’re free with a MODE Membership! Check out our range of classes, including Boxing, Yoga, HIIT, and more. View Our Class Schedule

• Dance to the beat, sweat it out.
• Yoga for soul and body flexibility.
• HIIT for a calorie-torching rush.
• Kickboxing to unleash your inner champion.

Dive into our fitness community where every class is a chance to push your limits with fellow fitness enthusiasts. Ready for a class that feels like a group training session but without the extra cost? Join us and experience the MODE difference! Check out our class offerings here.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, right? That’s exactly why we’ve equipped MODE with top-notch 3D body scanning tech. It’s like having a fitness tracker that doesn’t just count steps—it measures your success. Get ready for a comprehensive view of your progress with stats, before-and-after comparisons, and all the numbers that show your hard work paying off. Our trainers use this data to craft your fitness journey with precision—because when you can see the change, you can believe in it. Ready to get measurable results?

At MODE, we’re not just about certified trainers; we’re about top-tier fitness expertise. Our Personal Training Director is none other than Celebrity Trainer Joey Thurman, a name synonymous with transformative fitness. Each member of our team boasts rigorous certifications—from NASM to ACSM—and specialized knowledge in areas like nutrition and functional training.

They’re not just trainers; they’re among the best personal trainers in Chicago, handpicked and mentored by the best in the business.

You can choose your trainer or let us match you with one based on your goals and personality. It’s your journey, your choice. Browse our trainers’ profiles and find your perfect match, or book a free consultation and we’ll handle it for you!

Starting is usually the hardest part of any fitness journey, but at MODE, we make it as easy as hitting play on your favorite workout playlist. Simply sign up for a complimentary consultation. In this initial meeting, we’ll dive into your fitness goals and outline our unique training approach. We’ll work with you to find the perfect trainer and design a plan that aligns with both your needs and budget. It’s all about setting you up for success right from the start. Zero pressure, all gain. Get started and book your free consultation today.