Emma Jones

Group Class Trainer

Why do you like being a class instructor?
I love the sense of community that is created with being a class instructor and all of the amazing people I have met and continue to meet through teaching!

What are your strengths as a trainer?
I create a welcoming space to allow people the room that they need to move their body in the ways that feel best to them. I also lead my classes through breath (vinyasa style) which allows students to connect deeper to their mind, body and breath.

200 Hour Yoga Certification

Favorite moment as a fitness professional
This can be a client success story, funny moment, or random fact. I recently had a student at Mode that had never done yoga in their life, they came into the space with an open mind and an acceptance to the community and their body that allowed them to fully dive into the practice. At the end, they asked if yoga was supposed to make them emotional. Their openness allowed them the opportunity to connect deeper to their body and to release those emotions they were holding in. This was truly a magical moment as a teacher because not only was it their first time practicing but the practice aided them in more ways than just the physical movements.

Favorite “cheat” food.
Anything with chocolate, I have a big sweet tooth!